Y Combinator is Activly Recruiting Health-Tech Startups


(Reuters) – What do Dropbox, Stripe, Airbnb and Reddit have in common? These technology firms all received mentorship and money from Silicon Valley’s so-called startup machine, Y Combinator.

Now, for the first time in its nine-year history, the accelerator program is actively recruiting health-technology startups. To attract top talent in healthcare and biotech, Y Combinator recently tapped medical executive Elizabeth Iorns as a part-time partner.

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Chicago Innovation Exchange Is Accepting Member Applications


The Chicago Innovation Exchange announced that they are accepting applications for both the Membership and Business Incubator programs.

Chicago Innovation Exchange Membership is for individual students, faculty, staff, and community members with passions for entrepreneurship and innovation, developing businesses, or looking to join an entrepreneurial team.

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The Sunshine Act: Promising Clarity & Providing Confusion


The logic behind the Sunshine Act says that providing clarity on any money that pharma and device makers pay to doctors and hospitals will reduce the occurrence or appearance of corruption. .

The idea is that by making those payments a matter of public record makes it undesirable for companies to try to influence medical experts.

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