The Sunshine Act: Promising Clarity & Providing Confusion

The logic behind the Sunshine Act says that providing clarity on any money that pharma and device makers pay to doctors and hospitals will reduce the occurrence or appearance of corruption. . The idea is that by making those payments a matter of public record makes it undesirable for companies to try to influence medical experts.


Docs advocate for novel biosimilar names

  Ever since the FDA drafted a set of rules for biosimilars in 2012, a debate has been raging over whether those drugs should carry the same generic names as the products they emulate. Now, some doctors are weighing in on the issue, urging the FDA to require biosimilars to have different names than branded biotech drugs.


From John: Fall Congressional Outlook

  It is August and that means that congress is on vacation. Vacation from doing what?  I don’t know. (note I do believe that our elected officials are hard working) But when they return after Labor Day, there are a number of issues that they are going to have to deal with before taking a…

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